Health benefits of alpha 2 receptor blockers such as yohimbine and eviodamine in Weight Loss

On a sciency topic today, we will discuss how the alpha 2 receptor blockers work. If we have not mentioned this before, they include yohimbine and eviodamine. We will examine each in depth and see how they help in fat burn. But first, what is an alpha 2 receptor blocker.

How the alpha 2 blockers work

An alpha 2 receptor blocker antagonizes the action of alpha 2 receptors. Alpha 2 receptors are found within the body cells and pick up any fat deposits making lipolysis hard for the body no matter how much you try to lose weight. The blocker therefore makes it possible for your body to react to the effects of weight loss such as weight training, cardio exercises as well as dieting.

Without a blocker, an obese person would remain that way with bad cholesterol since the alpha receptor would refuse to let go of the fats. No matter how hard they train or how lean they eat, the fat would simply not go and this creates what is popularly known as stubborn fats.

The blockers when introduced in weight loss supplements help increase body metabolism as well as release of the fats for lipolysis to happen. Two alpha 2 receptor blockers are yohimbine and eviodamine


yohimbine for weight loss

Yohimbine is an extract from the native tree yohimbe which growns in West Africa. Traditionally, it has been used as an aphrodisiac and to help men who have erectile dysfunction get back on their feet and rise on the occasion. Studies reported by Livestrong show that yohimbine when combined with training and workouts can actually lead to lipolysis which is the burning of fat. This further underlines the benefits of yohimbine as a blocker of alpha 2 receptors.


Eviodamine, another blocker is an extract from the native tree evioda that grows in Korea and China. It has been found that it is good with digestion problems. At the same time, it helps in fat burn. It has also been found to stimulate the heart and in this way making metabolism much quicker since with a quicker heart, you expect that your body is going to secrete quickly as well as transport faster.

Because of their action in helping fat burn, yohimbine and eviodamine have been incorporated into fat burning gnc pills sold in


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