Taking care of patients at home

When you have an invalid that you are taking care of from home, the strain is so much that you wish to take them to a hospice or invalid care centre. The invalid is there looking up to you for their sustenance, food, movements and entertainment as well as consolation. If you do not do that, people are going to look at you as uncaring and they could even despise you.

So you have to up your game. Taking them to the hospice or care centre might be too expensive for your small budget. As such you have to live with them at home. In this article, we look at some of the items you will need if you are to take care of an invalid, senior, injured or muscular dystrophy patient from home.

  1. Hospital bed

invacare hospital bed

A hospital bed which has the latest technological advancements is great in that the patient can be able to adjust the head and foot positions as well as the height of the bed through a simple touch of the pendant control which can be suspended on the patient’s bed rails.

The best hospital bed for home use has to be the electrical invacare model. Though expensive, the bed has everything electrical. The casters are also durable and noiseless so they will not be creating noise all over. Moving the bed is also easy since the wheels are non-rubber and as such they will not be  leaving black marks on the floor.

On a small budget though, buying the electrical hospital bed might not be possible but you can still buy the invacare 5301ivc hospital bed manual which uses a manual crank system to adjust the head and foot positions as well as the height of the bed. While you have to always be at the patient’s bed side to adjust all this, this type of bed is comfortable and really offers patient ergonomics.

2. Walkers

As the patient recuperates, they will need walkers so as to walk around the home. There are different types of walkers and you would choose them according to the patient’s physiotherapy needs and also based on your budget.

3. Wheelchairs

If the patient is still an invalid and cannot walk on a walker, then a wheelchair for outdoor movements is necessary. Again pick the wheelchair  based on the patient’s height and needs.

4. Patient lifts

Technological advancement in home care has come to save us since you can now get a patient lift to move around the house.



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