Importance of Mattress Extenders on Hospital beds

So you just bought your patient a mattress to go onto their hospital bed. But after much scrutiny, you realize that the mattress length is shorter than what should go to the bed and you will therefore need to buy a mattress extender, the question that is on your mind now is where to get the best mattress extension.

Worry not because in this guide, I will tell you about the best mattress extender block that money can buy.

  1. The foam mattress extender

If your mattress was a foam one, then you would definitely need a foam mattress extender to go with this. The good thing about the foam lengthener is that it is soft and hard. Its density is good and it does not squish easily.

The only downside I know about the foam is that it might not be really good with the hospital bed as it does not bend and adjust easily. This might lead to it cutting into two or more which is not a very nice thing.

  1. Innerspring mattress extender

The one great thing about the innerspring mattress is that they are thin and flexible so that they are able to adapt to the hospital bed.

The downside though is that they are so thin and not durable. They also squish easily and this will make the patient uncomfortable or even make them have worse bed sores.

Covers and safety of extenders

  • Extenders need to have vinyl covers so that they can clean easily.
  • They also need be waterproof so that even if liquid spillages come to them, they will be cleaned easily and no soaking happens.
  • They need to have non-allergenic covers so that patients do not get allergies
  • They should have no odor as this can really irritate patients
  • They should not have any rubber
  • They should be fire retardant so that in case of a fire, they do not catch it easily or even burn easily
  • They should be non-skid so that they do not slip under the patient
  • They should be uniform with the mattress in terms of their height, length and width for the patient’s comfort to avoid patient sleeping on a bed with bumps and troughs.

Why the need for an extender

Maybe the first question that I should have tried to answer in this post is the importance of an extender before I even went to other things. You see, there are times when the patient is taller than what the mattress can offer. Well, the bed may be taller. So,  they would need an extender block to increase the mattress length.

Extenders are also crucial in hospital beds to avoid entrapment. According to studies, deaths on hospital beds have mostly been caused by entrapment. The extender prevents the zone 7 entrapment where the head or other patient body parts gets entrapped between the mattress edge and the headboard or footboard of the medical bed.

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