Magnaready shirts helping Parkinson’s patients

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Magnaready Shirts

When you have Parkinson’s disease, you face a lot of limitations. For once, you find that the tremors make it hard for you to dress properly without the help of someone. Everytime you want to dress you will have to call up your caregiver or a family member to help get into your shirts, trousers and coats. This is not pleasing at all as it denies you independence as well as making you feel somehow embarrassed. Well, so many inventors have gone out of their way to get you adaptive clothing for Parkinson’s disease. In this post, we will look at the features of magnaready which is one of the shirts with magnetic buttons. So, lets do this.

The magnaready was invented by a lady designer who wanted to help her husband who was once a sports coach. When he was diagnosed with PD though, things started going south. He was unable to do things that he was able to do before with ease. One of these things was getting dressed. He found out that he could not put on his shirts and button them effectively without calling the wife to help. The caring wife was always there for him but she detected that he was feeling uneasy having to ask for help everytime he needed to button up his shirts. So, she thought of how the magnets could be used to ease things. And thus, the magnaready shirts with magnetic buttons were born.

The magnaready shirts do come with normal buttons but there are just that. Buttons for decoration. The buttoning up is actually done by the magnets laced on the front. All you need to do is place the flaps together and there you have it; your shirt buttoned up.

Pros of the magnaready shirts

  • They are good for people with limited dexterity in their fine motor skills such as those with Parkinson’s, arthritis or stroke.
  • Great design with checkered patterns.
  • Easy to open when you need to and holds tight when you want the shirt to remain buttoned up.

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