Marketing and Trade

When we achieved independence, we wanted to fight poverty, illiteracy and diseases. We have always been fighting this and this why we have set up this.

In this website, we will be looking at our objectives in depth.

But why do we need marketing:

  1. To push our products to the customers using ingenous ways. You see it is not all about getting money but we want also to sell value to our customers. Say for example that you are a health specialist dealing in teeth. You would want to push value to your end customer by telling them the truth as well as prescribing the best drugs and practices that they could master.

  1. To make our customers aware of us. Without marketing, customers will not know that you infact do exist. With such an initiative, we are on the right track since our customers now know that we exist and are out there to help them. Say for example that you are waring in weight loss products but nobody knows that you do so. Who will buy? When however you start reviewing diet pills that hollywood stars use, people will slowly start paying attention because you are speaking to them now.

Bilateral and Multilateral trade ties

Every year we are focusing on getting better that we were the last year. We are furthering the goals of our forefathers that were set up during independence when they swore to fight poverty.

We are doing this by partnering with our neighbours as well as other abroad states to have bi and multilateral trade ties. Just to explain something little here: bilateral trade ties are ties between one country and another. Here bi simply means two. Multilateral trade ties on the other hand are ties between many countries. Multi means many as far as English is concerned.

With these trade ties, we are able to export as well as import products. While one might think that it would be fashionable to only export, we also need to import. We export raw materials from agriculture and get imports in form of processed goods. We however wish to lower the imports by starting industries that process goods locally.

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