You want the Best Infant Car Seat? This are the features to look for

Having a baby carrier is not a necessity but the idea of having your baby cradled in your arms close to you always gives you the best feeling as a parent. This comes in handy when you are busy doing other things as your hands will always be free and your baby will comfortably relax on your chest or back. This serves you best if your child likes to see you since he will be facing you or when walking in overcrowded areas or if you are going for an hike and you would like to take your baby with you.

baby car seat

They often come in three styles which include:

Wraps-this is a long piece of a fabric that stretches when configuring it enabling you to tie it around your body through the shoulders and your mid-section to support your baby. They best infant car seat are versatile and easy to adjust making it easy to breastfeed your young one.

They consume a lot of time and can be hard when putting it on or getting it off. Always uncomfortable when your child is grown because it doesn’t have pads.

Slings-This kind of a fabric is often wide and needs you place it over one shoulder and crossing your torso. Suitable if you are a breastfeeding mom because it has a loose fit that allows you to discreetly nurse your baby.

Safest Infant car seat can be tiresome and uncomfortable when your child’s weight increases.

Structured carriers-it is similar to a backpack as it has straps that you can wear over your shoulders and a carrying pack  Always a good choice when your baby can sit up and is able to control his head and also if your child is much heavier as it is very comfortable.

The downside is that it may not allow you breastfeed and may be too big and bulky for a newborn.

Features to look for in a baby carrier


Look for one that suits your body and your baby.


For a front carrier make sure that the seat and straps can support your baby well with durable and good working snaps, belts and buckles.

Ease to use

Always choose one that is easy to put on or take off by yourself .Models of structured carriers that are easy to unbuckle are always available and can be the best when your baby is asleep since you will be able to remove him without waking him up.

Comfortable for your baby

A front carrier with padded leg holes loose enough  not to let your baby slip is good to avoid your baby’s thighs being constricted and padded headrest that supports your baby’s neck and body even when asleep.

Your own comfort

It should be wide with straps that are well padded or sturdy fabric that will make sure that your baby’s weight is evenly distributed making sure your neck, back or shoulders do not strain. The carrier should also be adjustable.

Able to nurse

If you intent to breastfeed your baby while on the carrier the slings and wraps are always the best choice.


Buy one with a lighter fabric during hot weather and avoid dark colors as they might be too warm for your baby.

Easy to clean

Always buy one with fabric that is easy to clean since kids are always messy.


There are models designed to grow with your baby although one may prefer a sling or wrap when the baby is still young and a structured carrier for older babies.

Safety tips when using baby carrier

Make sure no fabric covers your child’s face for easy supervision.

-Your child must always be in an upright position and close to your body when carrying him.

-Since the carrier will make your baby feel warm always dress him lightly.

-Fasten the buckles to support your baby’s neck and body and keep him safe from falling.

-When running or cycling do not carry your baby in it as he may fall.

-Avoid lying down when carrying your baby.

-When bending always bend with your knee and not your waist as this makes sure that your baby remains in an upright position.

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